Meet Dr. Charles Rust, MD
For the past several years, many patients have asked me what prompted my interest in functional medicine.

Like many other functional  medicine practitioners, my own health care problems were not adequately addressed by the traditional allopathic medical system. I therefore had to search on  my own for a more holistic, but evidence-based way to help myself.

By completing a functional medicine fellowship, I learned how to vastly improve my own health. More importantly, what I have learned has allowed me to help patients with previously intractable problems, such as weight gain, fatigue, hormone imbalance, and gut dysfunction.

We are in the midst of an exciting paradigm shift in medicine. This new approach empowers the patient to be more proactive in their own care, while they look in a holistic manner for any reasonable treatment modality to optimize their health.

This is the way medicine should, and will be practiced in the future. I hope you will join with  us on this new path to improved health. When we learn from each other, exciting things can happen.

Thank you for your openmindedness, and willingness to embrace new ideas in healthcare.