Hormone Balancing
Why Hormone Balancing is Important

Much like the harmonious music from many different musical instruments in a symphony, the hormonal system has many components, that when balanced, help patients feel their best.,

Hormones are the body's chemical messengers that direct the body's processes. Hormones play a part in everything from hunger, sleep, body weight, energy level, menstrual issues and much more. If one hormone is abnormal, it will affect the actions of all the other hormones. Hormone needs are not stagnant, they change throughout our lifetime.

Therefore one must evaluate as many hormones as possible, to achieve that "beautiful hormone symphony".
Hormone Survey

Please print and complete this hormone summary.  Be sure to bring it with you on your next visit.

Hormone Summary

Why is Saliva Testing Important?

Our practice uses Saliva testing to manage our patients’ steroid hormone levels.  We use only this method of advanced testing because of the superior accuracy of the hormone levels reported. With serum testing, or measuring the hormones found in a blood sample, doesn’t provide an accurate picture of hormone utilization by the body . Only about 5% of hormones are available in blood to enter body tissues and do their job. But, how do we know if hormones ,in the blood, have entered the body cells to do their job? WE DON'T!

In other words, any hormones measured in venous blood indicate hormones that never entered the body, otherwise they would be not be present in the venous blood to be measured. Since saliva is an internal bodily  organ, we can be certain that hormones present in saliva indicate hormones that have entered the body, thus providing a more accurate picture of hormone utilization by body tissues.
"serum hormone levels increase minimally after topical application of  hormones, whereas  saliva  levels do increase in a dose dependent manner, indicating efficient tissue hormone uptake"
Menopause 2013 : 20(11): 1169-1175
When treating patients, serum hormone testing severely underestimates hormones delivered to body tissues and increases the risks of “overtreatment" with hormones and negative side effects.
Using the right amount of hormone replacement is part of functional medicine - giving with body what it needs, and no more- to achieve optimal health!