DNA Based Stool Analysis
Resolution for Stubborn GI Problems
Being healthy from the inside out refers to the health of your ‘gut’ or Gastro-Intestinal System.  Your gut health is critical for overall health since nutrients are absorbed from the intestines.
From time to time, anyone can experience “stomach upset” that goes away in a few hours or days. Typically, we blame discomfort on an over indulgence in rich foods or not drinking enough water.  If symptoms like bloating, cramps, constipation and diarrhea become more frequent, advanced GI Stool testing, along with Food Sensitivities testing, may be recommended.  The results from these two tests provide a comprehensive view of GI health.  These results translate into an individualized treatment plan that often resolves previously stubborn GI problems.
About DNA Stool Analysis
Prolonged Gastro-Intestinal complaints warrant the revolutionary Metametrics GI Stool Effects test from Genova Diagnostics.  By using DNA analysis, the test determines if pathogens like H Pylori, Yeast, Fungi, or Parasites are present in the stool.  Also measured are markers for: pancreatic enzymes, a marker that helps distinguish between IBS and Inflammatory Bowel Disease and a marker that measures immune competency.
More importantly, the Metametrics GI Stool Effects test measures, by DNA analysis, the quantity of good probiotics present in the system.  Having optimal probiotic levels present in the gut is critical to strengthen the immune system. It is worth noting that probiotics are anaerobic (can’t live in oxygen) which means that routine stool analysis cannot provide this valuable information.