Functional Medicine Testing
Optimizing Health

Many think that aging is a normal part of life. Despite what many think, decreases in energy, stamina, sex drive and an increase in weight aren’t normal aspects of aging that we are required to accept.  Instead, Dr. Charles Rust focuses on Anti-Aging, or healing the body from the inside out. Think about Anti-Aging as enhancing the optimal health span, not just the life span of the patient. This is indeed a patient centered approach that focuses on minimizing degenerative diseases and disability in later years.

Paradigm Shift
Available Treatments
  • Bio-identical Hormone replacement
  • Protocols to resolve many GI problems
  • Individualized treatment programs to minimize risk of cardiovascular disease/stroke
  • Bowel/liver detox programs
  • Nutraceutical/pharmacologic treatment for brain health problems
Enhanced Knowledge

Anti-Aging medicine embraces Functional Medicine at its core because the goal is optimize all the body organ functions by reversing mitochondrial dysfunction in the body and minimizing oxidative stress on the body.  In order to understand how the body organ are performing, functional medicine testing in the areas listed below may be ordered. Once the doctor reviews the test results with you, an appropriate treatment will be recommended to you.

  • DNA based stool analysis
  • Advanced nutritional  testing
  • Advanced blood lipid, antioxidant tests
  • Blood tests for genetics mutations(SNP;s)
  • Saliva hormone testing
  • Brain health questionnaires based on functional brain scans