I take pride in helping people feel healthier inside and out by optimizing diet, exercise and Hormonal Balance. Many patients also ask how they can improve their aging and sun damaged skin, or resolve their Acne. I would only recommend the top Premium Skin Care Brand that has been clinically proven to address these issues. This is why I recommend The Rodan and Fields Premium SkinCare line. Please review the information associated with each product . Click on the attached link to obtain information on the product and how to order through the Rodan and Fields representative. If you have any particular questions, please address all matters to the following Rodan and Fields representative and NOT to my office staff.

Dr. Charles Rust M.D.

Hello, my name is Mirtha Rust...
I have been with this great company for over 4 ½ yrs. and have loved every minute of being a part of this brand. Not only has it transformed my skin, by taking years off my face, but also provided me with the opportunity to bow out of the corporate grind and work when I want, and where I want -all from my iPhone. Our personal team just became a million dollar team – selling just over $1.1 million in 2016 –and achieved Lexus status. This is a huge honor for our team of just under 300 people.

Have you heard of Rodan and Fields (R+F) Premium Skincare - Anti Aging products? We are the #1 Premium skincare / anti-aging brand in all of North America, we are also the #1 fastest-growing premium skincare brand in the U.S. The brains behind the brand are two of the most successful names in skincare, Dr. Katie Rodan + Dr. Kathy Fields, Stanford trained dermatologists, who also have a much respected and sought after practice in San Francisco. They are also known for creating the #1 NON-premium acne-selling product in the world, Proactiv Solution®. The Doctors vision was to have dermatology in the home ; enabling everyone to have access to clinically proven products that actually do what they say they are going to do, with no dermatologic appointment necessary. This was their sole reason for pulling the Premium Rodan and Fields brand (which was already #1 in high end retail), purchasing the brand back from Estee Lauder, and launching it into an e-commerce setting. Company started during the recession, but even so went from $2 million to over $6 million in ONE year. Fast forward, 9 Years later, Rodan and Fields is a 1.5 BILLION dollar premium brand in just a few short years. They have launched in Canada and Australia, where R+F quickly became the leading brand. R+F plans to expand worldwide.

Hundreds of beauty blogs, top magazines and financial business publications, such as Forbes and Harvard Business School to name a few, have been raving about our products and OUR business opportunity since day one. We get 1000s of FREE press a year! Impressive, right? I think so. Latest free press: Check out the April issue of O Magazine.... you will see our products inside! Our doctors are also called the “Dermatological Dream” team by Women’s Health.

No single ingredient can effectively treat a complex skin concern. However, though skin conditions can be complex, the solutions don't have to be. That's why the docs created Rodan + Fields Multi-Med Therapy®, designed to deliver the right medicines, in the right formulations, in the right order to transform skin.Few more facts about R+F:

  • Our products are 3rd party clinically tested on human skin and award winning, plus our SPFs are all backed by the American Skin Cancer Foundation.
  • 2012 won an award for “Best Consumer Product” from the American Business Association (very prestigious organization and by invite only), the year before the recipient was APPLE.
  • We are backed by PETA with NO animal testing. We know the products work so well, which is why we have a generous 60-day empty bottle money back guarantee.
  • Products last 60 to sometimes 90 days.
  • All Preferred Clients can enjoy FREE shipping on all orders over $80 PLUS 10% discount on the listed Retail Price.

Our products are EASY to USE:

  • Products are all numbered, labeled and color-coded. Step 1,2,3.
  • The products are also gender neutral for men and women and for all skin tones.
  • We have something to help with most skin concerns.
  • We are the #1 Premium Brand in US, #1 Brand in North America, #1 Anti-Aging brand in US, #1 Premium acne brand in US.
  • The four lines are: Redefine (fine lines and wrinkles), Reverse (sun damage, brown spots, dull skin), Unblemish (Adult Acne), and Soothe (sensitive skin, redness issues).
  • We have many other products that address other skin issues, be sure you check them all out.
  • Ingredients are OTC cosmetic ingredients that are the safest on the market and all FDA approved, coupled with dermatological grade ingredients in low doses for max effectiveness.

R+F every year will be releasing many more innovative products. To view all products currently available, simply go to my personal website at https://mirtharust.myrandf.com/

WHAT IS THE BEST SKINCARE ROUTINE FOR YOU? Use the Solution Tool link to receive your customized skincare recommendation.

You can also call me or email me at any time. I look forward to working with you as your personal skin consultant.

Mirtha Rust
Level 5 Circle Achiever